Internships are designed to enhance the education of students through meaningful off-campus work experiences, and are open to qualified students. Students can earn 3 hour credits for an internship up to a total of 6 hours. An internship is an important part of the majors in Agricultural Economics as it provides an opportunity for students to apply classroom learning to the work place. The goal of internships is to provide students with valuable professional growth and development opportunities that prepare them for rewarding careers. Successful internships not only complement academic progress, but also provide employers a preview of prospective candidates for employment.

Eligible students are encouraged to seek entry-level positions with business firms, government agencies, and other organizations. The student and the prospective cooperator design a program that provides practical work experience focused on the specific goals and career objectives of the student.

For more information contact Dr. Randy Little, 325-2884, or Current students interested in internships may complete the application form below and submit their application or download the application and return it to Dr. Little.

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