Brian Williams

Brian Williams

Assistant Extension Professor

  • Email:
  • Phone: (662) 325-2676
  • Fax: (662) 325-8777
  • Office: 315 Lloyd-Ricks-Watson Bldg.
  • Address: Box 5187, Mississippi State, MS 39762
Vitae: Link

  • Ph.D., Oklahoma State University, 2012
  • M.s., University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2009
  • B.S., University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2005

Extension Interests
  • Disaster Response
  • Commodity Marketing
  • Farm Management
  • Production Economics
  • Agricultural Policy

Brian Williams focuses on the primary areas of commodity marketing, farm management, production economics and agricultural policy. His research and extension efforts thus far have focused on value-added activities in the cattle industry, economic factors involved in retained ownership of feeder cattle and bio-energy topics. Since joining the department, he has served as a member of the Mississippi State University Disaster Response Team where he has focused on assessing damage to the agricultural sector after natural disasters. He also regularly works with the media in providing information and updates about crop and cattle markets.

Recent Publications

  • Henderson, J.E., J.N. Barnes, L.L. Falconer, B. Williams, D. Sites. 2016. The economic contribution of agriculture and forestry production and processing in Mississippi: An input-output analysis. Mississippi State University Extension Service, Publication 2962, Mississippi State University. 8 pp. Download

  • Williams, B., E. DeVuyst, D. Peel, K. Raper. 2014. Reducing self-selection bias in feeder cattle premium estimates using matched sampling. Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 31(1):124-138. Download

  • Williams, B., E. DeVuyst, D. Peel, K. Raper. 2014. The likelihood of positive returns from value-added calf management practices. Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics 46(1):125-138. Download

  • Falconer, L., J.M. Riley, B. Williams. 2013. Custom rates for farm and ranch services in Mississippi. Mississippi State University Extension Publication 2776. Download

  • Williams, B., K. Raper, E. DeVuyst, D. Peel, D. Lalman, D. Doye. 2013. Demographic factors affecting the adoption of multiple value-added practices by Oklahoma cow-calf producers. Journal of Extension 51(6). Download