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Welcome to the Agricultural Economics department at Mississippi State. This site provides information on all activities of the department. These include undergraduate, graduate, research, and extension programs. An undergraduate degree in Agribusiness or Environmental Economics and Management from Mississippi State is a good investment. We also offer Masters degrees in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness Management. Please contact Dr. Randy Little (little@agecon.msstate.edu) if you have questions about our undergraduate programs or Dr. Ardian Harri (harri@agecon.msstate.edu) if you are interested in our graduate programs.

Keith Coble
Department Head
Ag Economics Experimental Laboratory
Ag Economics Experimental Laboratory Our laboratory consists of 18 computer stations linked to a server. The server is linked to the university system so that additional computer laboratories can be included if the need should arise. Also, our server is able to connect worldwide.

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Good News
  • Environmental Policy, Sustainability, & Management Essay Contest
    The Department sponsored an environmental policy, sustainability and management essay contest for high school students throughout the state. Sixty two high school students participated. Winning students and teachers received cash prizes. The winners are:

    First place: Michele Perry of Ocean Springs High School! Her teacher sponsor is Rebecca Tyndall.

    Second Place: Makenzie Stone of Starkville High School! Her teacher sponsor is John Jones.

    Third place: Ben Dengler of Ocean Springs High School! His teacher sponsor is Rebecca Tyndall.

    Congratulations to our winners and their sponsors!!
  • 2/2/2018

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