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Welcome to the Agricultural Economics website. A new semester has begun and students have opportunities to participate in two clubs in the department, the student chapter of the National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA) and the Agricultural Economics Club. Both clubs provide career enhancing activities that result in our students securing employment from companies throughout the nation. For more information about NAMA contact Dr. Alba Collart and contact Dr. Matt Freeman for information about the Agricultural Economics Club. For information about our undergraduate programs in Agribusiness and Environmental Economics and Management, contact Dr. Randy Little, our Undergraduate Advisor. For graduate programs in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness Management, contact Dr. Barry Barnett, our Graduate Coordinator. If you are a student visiting the site please know that we take a personal interest in you and your career, and thank you for visiting.

Steven Turner
Department Head
Good News
  • Barry Barnett, Ardian Harri, Jesse Tack and Keith Coble
    Barry Barnett, Ardian Harri, Jesse Tack and Keith Coble received a Coop agreement with the USDA to research the policy implications of 'Big Ag Data.'
  • 12/4/2014

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